How to Prepare Your Office for Air Conditioning Replacement

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The day will come when your office’s air conditioner no longer functions and needs to be replaced. Although the new system will provide your business with lower utility costs and eased maintenance requirements, the actual air conditioning replacement can disrupt your operations while the work is conducted. Here are our tips for preparing your staff for an upcoming air conditioning replacement:

  • Institute flexible work policies—If possible, allow your employees to work from home for a few days during the air conditioning replacement. Make sure everyone on your staff has the equipment to do their jobs successfully from home if you decide to go this route.

How to Prepare Your Office for Air Conditioning Replacement

  • Move files and equipment away from work sites—We can identify key access points we will need to get to before the day of your air conditioning replacement. Relocate any valuable equipment and files that your employees will need to access beforehand, so our team and your team can work with ease during the replacement process.
  • Prepare for reduced productivity—No matter how well you prepare, you may not be able to operate your business at full capacity during the air conditioning replacement process. Communicate this to your customers and employees and reassure everyone involved that this will only be a temporary arrangement.

At Sensible Air Systems Inc., we will do our best to make the air conditioning replacement process as easy on your people and your business as possible. To discuss what this process looks like and how it will impact your business, reach out to us today.