Signs That You Need Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

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During the hot and humid summer months, it is crucial to make sure your commercial air conditioning system is in optimal condition so that your commercial space can remain comfortable. An air conditioning system that is failing or inefficient can disrupt your daily operations and cause discomfort for employees and customers. Uncomfortable situations can decrease employee productivity and drive customers away.

Signs That You Need Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

If you notice any of the following signs, your commercial property may be in need of air conditioning repair.

  • Inadequate cooling– If you notice that your air conditioning system is unable to reach your desired and set temperature, it may indicate your system is struggling. There are different issues that may cause insufficient cooling capacity, such as a compressor issue, low or leaking refrigerant, or filters that need to be changed.
  • Unusual noises– Hearing unusual noises, such as rattling, gurgling, grinding, or squealing, can indicate an issue that requires prompt air conditioning repair. Any strange noise should be evaluated by a professional to prevent unexpected breakdowns and failures of your cooling system.
  • Rise in energy costs- A sudden increase in your energy bill can be indicative of different issues, and in the hot summer months, it is likely that your cooling system needs attention. There are different issues and problems that can cause your system to work harder due to inefficiency.
  • Frequent power cycling– If your cooling system is turning on and off frequently, it can be indicative of a malfunction that could quickly lead to a system failure. Issues such as these could even promote premature failure of your entire system.
  • Diminished air quality– Detecting decreased air quality could mean the filtration component of your cooling system needs inspection. Some things you may notice are odors, musty smells, or increased levels of dust. It is important to protect your air quality to reduce the likelihood of respiratory effects for the occupants of your space.

At Sensible Air Systems Inc., we specialize in air conditioning repair and are able to assess your system, pinpoint the problem, and provide appropriate and efficient repairs. We know that having your cooling system down during the hottest part of the year is an inconvenience and can disrupt your operations. Our professional team provides the highest-quality work while delivering superior customer service. Reach out to us today if you have any questions about how our technicians can get your commercial system up and running!