We Will Custom Design/Build an HVAC System for Your Unique Needs

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Every commercial building is different. Even buildings that are the same size have different generated heat, different occupancy rates and different numbers of employees. When it comes to the design/build phase of a commercial HVAC system, we will approach each job carefully, looking for unique factors or needs that affect the final design.

We Will Custom Design/Build an HVAC System for Your Unique Needs

The type and construction of your building will help inform the design/build phase and which of the three major types of commercial HVAC systems we will recommend for you and your building:

  • Smaller commercial buildings: Examples of this type of building include smaller offices, restaurants and others. Often the best HVAC system for this type of building is the single-split because it is less costly to install and allows individual control over the space. One consideration with this type of system is that there will be a separate outdoor unit for each indoor unit, which is why it may not be the best option for larger buildings.
  • Larger commercial buildings: These buildings include large stores or buildings with large, open spaces. Multi-split systems may be the best option for these based on their energy efficiency and space-saving design. This type of system allows multiple indoor units to share a larger outdoor unit and can have sensors that adjust temperature controls as needed.
  • Larger mixed-use buildings: A hotel is a perfect example of this type of building. With many different, small rooms to heat and cool, a variable refrigeration flow system may be the best option. These systems allow heating and cooling of different spaces at the same time as needed.

Commercial buildings need HVAC systems that control temperature and humidity while maintaining air quality. With a careful design/build phase, your HVAC system can be optimized for your unique needs, making everyone more comfortable while maximizing energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.