What is HVAC Duct Fabrication?

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HVAC duct fabrication is the process of manufacturing or constructing the ductwork used in HVAC systems. Ductwork is the network of channels designed to distribute conditioned air throughout a building, whether for heating, cooling, or ventilation process.

What is HVAC Duct Fabrication?

The HVAC duct fabrication process involves creating these ducts, fittings, and all components that make up the air distribution system. HVAC duct fabrication usually starts with the design phase, where a layout for the ductwork is created. The design should take into account factors like the layout of the building, the HVAC system’s requirements, and the needed airflow to different parts of the building.

Once the design is finished, the materials for constructing the ducts are selected. Some of the most common materials used during HVAC duct fabrication include galvanized steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. After the material has been selected, the ducts can be cut and shaped according to the design’s specifications. This often involves cutting sheets of metal into specific shapes and sizes for the different duct components.

Following fabrication, the ducts are assembled according to the design. Different assembly methods may be used, which can include welding or using other fastening techniques to complete the ductwork.

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